Cultural Intelligence

With over 200 cultures in Australia, what can we know, be and do to connect better in our multicultural society?

Culture is complex. Our memory is limited. Fortunately, there is a method that helps us develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes vital to cross-cultural success: Cultural Intelligence.

Research-based and validated, Cultural Intelligence provides practical ways to help you communicate and connect more effectively across cultures, with colleagues, clients and communities.

Culture works on us like a prism acts on light: it colours what we see. Hence the name PRISMA. We illuminate the cultural prism for our clients to see the world from other angles. We ignite new cultural connections inside the mind and between people. And we inspire integration, through providing access to the full spectrum of cultural solutions to universal human dilemmas.

Our vision is a society where cultural diversity goes from being a curiosity and a challenge into a true source of richness. We look forward to harnessing that richness with you.