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Evidence of China’s rise is all around us. China is now where most of Australia’s migrants come from. It is our largest two-way trading partner. And it is our fastest growing and highest spending tourism market, well on track to hit the goal of 1 million visitors per year in 2020. On April 7, my business partner David Thomas and I spend an evening with 50 business people who were keen to explore what this opportunity meant to them.

“80% of our customers are Chinese, either visiting or living in Australia”, said one luxury goods provider. The challenge is to engage with them beyond the transaction, to get their continued client loyalty. “Our cultural institution is in an area full of Chinese tourist – yet we don’t see enough of them here”, said another attendee. These are not beginners in connecting with Chinese counterparts. They have staff who speak Chinese languages. Their marketing material is translated, they are on Weibo and WeChat. What is missing, is often enough cultural understanding.

How do you build professional relationships, especially when you don’t speak the same language?
What does the cultural concept of “face” mean, and how can you give it, rather than loose it, so those relationships prosper? And what do you need to know about hierarchy and connections to engage successfully with Chinese counterparts?

We have trained and worked with thousands of business people, helping them bridge cultural divide. If you would like to equip yourself to harness your China opportunities, please join us for our next open, in-depth workshop on Cultural Intelligence – China, Friday, May 9. E-mail us on for details, or to discuss an in-house course for your organisation.

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David Thomas ( and I are always happy to speak, train, coach or just chat with you about doing Cultural Intelligent business.

Multicultural Mindsets in 2014

At PRISMA, we are looking forward to a year of developing Multicultural Mindsets. Kicking off with a public Workshop on February 19th (e-mail for details), we go on to Harmony Day sessions and China-focused seminars, some of which are open to everyone. Hope to connect with you on Multicultural Mindsets in 2014!