Multicultural Mindsets

What does it take to be effective across cultures in our global village?

PRISMA helps people succeed in culturally diverse environments through developing Multicultural Mindsets. With over a decade of experience from three continents, here is what we know:

  • That it is a life-long learning journey, not a quick fix.
  • That it is about understanding values, practices and perspectives, over
    memorising do’s and don’t’s.
  • That is achievable for everyone to manage culture productively.

We provide a path for that journey, tools to uncover how culture really matters, and ways to connect across differences. Our proprietary Multicultural Mindset Method© is summarised in six steps that spell PRISMA:

  • P Perceive Cultural Differences
  • R Reflect on Culture’s Consequences
  • I I will – Bridge Cultural Gaps
  • S Seek Out Cultural Connections
  • M Motivate Self & Others to Connect
  • A Act to Expand Cultural Repertoire

Please click here to request an e-brochure of the PRISMA Multicultural Mindset Method©. We look forward to discussing how you can use PRISMA to equip people to thrive in culture-rich environments.