What we do

Prisma cross-cultural consultants are in the business of making cultural diversity productive through Cultural Intelligence.

Drawing on a decade of experience developing cultural competencies on three continents, we bring you the latest research, best practices and practical tools for cross-cultural success. We do this through:

  • Illuminating Cultural Diversity; shining light on how culture works on us, in the workplace and in society at large.

  • Igniting Cross-Cultural Connections; creating new ways to think about culture, differences and solutions, and helping you connect better with Cialis others across cultures

  • Inspiring Multicultural Integration; equipping you to bridge cultural gaps and act in many cultural ways.

Our tailor-made training programs cover a range of areas, from community services to customer service, from strategic planning to sales. We are also authors of training material, case studies and articles and speakers.

We are committed to being at the nexus of Cultural Intelligence development globally and locally, for the benefit of our clients everywhere. We look forward igniting your cross-cultural connections, starting here.