Who We Are

Prisma is a boutique cross-cultural training consultancy focusing on multicultural societies. We are committed to being at the nexus of Cultural Intelligence development globally and locally, for the benefit of our clients everywhere.

Whether we work with the International Criminal Court in the Hague or a council in Sydney, we focus on solutions – building cultural bridges and creating thriving multicultural teams, organisations and societies.

Prisma strives to contribute with the knowledge we have gained training thousands of people around the world and as part of global think tanks and local networks.

Culture works on us like a prism acts on light; it colours our worldview. Hence the name PRISMA; illuminating the cultural prism for our clients to see the world from other angles and use a fuller range of cultural solutions to their advantage. Our vision is a society where culture goes from being a curiosity and a challenge into a true source of richness.

Charlotta Öberg is the founder and Managing Director of Prisma cross-cultural consultants . Please click here to request a bio. Prisma’s consultants include coaches, cultural specialists and globally certified cultural trainers.